Swagman XTC-4 Cross Country 4-Bike Rack

Not everyone likes the idea of hanging his or her bikes from a foldout arm. In some instances it is because they are afraid the bikes might be too heavy, in others it might be the actual design of the bikes themselves. The Swagman XTC-4 Cross Country 4-Bike hitch mount rack overcomes this issue by virtue of the fact that it is a platform style bike rack. This type of rack has platforms designed to hold both front and rear wheels firmly in place with a center post to secure each bike in place.

About Swagman and the XTC-4 Cross Country

Swagman has been building premier quality bike racks for over 20 years along with a wide range of products designed to enhance your outdoor experience. The XTC-4 is a platform style bike rack designed to be used with a standard 2 inch receiver hitch. It features quick release tire mounts and a ratcheting system designed to allow for the maximum range of bikes.

The arms fold down into the base, allowing you access to the lift gate or trunk of your vehicle. The base can be folded up when not being used to reduce the risk of accidental contact.  It also has a brother which is the XTC-2 model that holds two bikes you you would like to look at our review on that here.

Swagman XTC-4 Cross Country 4-Bike Rack
Swagman XTC-4 Cross-Country 4-Bike Hitch Mount Rack (2-Inch Receiver Hitch)$345.00

Key Features of the Swagman XTC-4 Cross-Country 4-Bike Hitch Mount Rack

  • Designed to hold up to four bikes
  • Easy to adjust tire lock down hoops
  • Center arms fold down to allow easy access to the trunk or your hatch back
  • Powder coated to prevent corrosion and rust
  • Fits 2 inch receiver hitches
  • Locking hitch pin and 8 ft long 10 mm security cable included
  • Works for kid’s bikes
  • Won’t work with recumbent bikes or bikes with a long wheel base

Out of the Box

XTC4 on a vanThe XTC-4 comes almost ready to use right out of the box, minimal assembly should take the average person no more than 15 to 20 minutes using common hand tools. Thanks to the use of heavy gauge steel, the XTC-4 is a bit on the heavy side, but this should ensure it will last you and your family for many years. The overall design makes it easy for you to load or unload your bikes from ground level.

This rack features easily adjustable tire hoops that have been designed to hold each of your bikes securely in place, even on the rou8 meter lock for swagman xtc4ghest of roads. The center racks can be adjusted to fit a wide range of bikes from adult all the way down to smaller children’s bikes. When not in use you can fold the arms down into the rack, and then fold the rack up against the back of your vehicle. The high gloss powder coated finish will protect the heavy duty steel from the elements for many years.

One of the extras included here is the 8 meter locking cable. This is a nice little addon so you can lock up your bikes when you are out eating after a ride or traveling.

People who have purchased the Swagman XTC-4 Cross-Country 4-Bike hitch mount rack from Amazon are very happy with the overall quality of this bike rack. They also love the fact that instead of screwing down, the center posts ratchet up and down to adjust to the size of bikes being carried. The only real complaints were that it does not fit all vehicles. The XTC- 4 is an excellent heavy duty hitch mount bike rack that comes highly recommended for family use on long trips. Check out our bike rack review page here if this is not what you were looking for


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