Saris Bones 805 (2-Bike) Trunk Mount Rack

No one ever said a car bike rack had to be an ugly construction of metal arms and posts, a fact that Saris took into consideration with the 805. This bike rack has been given 4.5 stars out of 5 by Bicycling Magazine, and is considered to be one of the best looking and hardest working bike racks on the market. The design itself was created by Fabio Pedrini, a renowned Italian designer. Not only does it offer great looks, but it also offers your bikes a safe and stable ride, no matter where you are going.

About Saris Bones Bike Racks

81uv30dnrML._SL1500_Saris is an American manufacturing company who has long held the belief that bicycles offer one of the simplest solutions to many of the world’s most complex problems. With this in mind, the company has set out to do everything they can to enhance the sport of cycling at all levels.

Saris has been in business since 1989, and with the 805, continues to bring a high level of passion to the world of cycling. All Saris bike racks have been built to withstand the test of time using innovative engineering and materials.

Built of high density plastic arms that are fully adjustable, the Saris Bones 805 is one of the most stylish and practical bike racks on the market. It can be mounted on a wide range of cars, including those with a spoiler. Designed to hold 2 bikes, the 805 can be easily removed and folded up into a small block that takes up very little space in the trunk or closet. Bikes are mounted in opposite directions for optimum fit, but you may need the optional adapter for women’s bikes due to the lack of a crossbar.

Saris Bones Trunk Rack
Saris Bones Trunk Rack 3-Bike Orange Bike RackEUR 157.26
Saris Bones Trunk Rack (3 Bike) Car Racks Up to 50 Percent Off$169.99
Saris Bones 2-Bike Trunk Rack$149.99
Saris Bones 805 (2-Bike) Trunk Mount Rack$169.99
Saris Bones 2 Bike Trunk Rack, Black$159.99

Key Features of the Saris Bones 805 (2-Bike) Trunk Mount Rack

  • Injection-molded plastic legs and arms are the strongest in the world
  • Made from 100 percent recyclable materials
  • Uses ratcheting anti-sway straps to secure both bikes
  • The arc design fits most cars, including those with spoilers
  • Bikes are secured at different levels for better protection

Out of the Box

When you pull the Saris Bones 805 out of the box and unfold it, the unusual shape might fool you for just a moment. It is hard to imagine something this aesthetically pleasing being strong enough to support the weight of two adult bikes. However, after looking it over, you can see just how sturdily built it really is. None of the 805 is made from steel, so you should never have to worry about corrosion becoming an issue.
Attaching it to your vehicle is as simple as adjusting the arms to fit the trunk lid, and then using the enclosed tie down straps to secure the Bones 805 in place. Saris even offers a complete listing of vehicles that the Bones 805 fits on their websites. Bikes are firmly held in place using three straps, two on the crossbar and one around the seat post.

Those who have purchased the Saris Bones 805 (2-Bike) Trunk Mount Rack on Amazon are very happy with the design and quality of construction. There have been a number of buyers who say the 805 has scratched the finish on their cars and that it can awkward mounting your bikes. However, the vast majority of buyers are very happy and highly recommend the 805 to anyone looking to carry two bikes.

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