Hollywood Racks Express 2 Bike Trunk Rack

With so many different bike racks on the market, finding the right one for your car, as well as your bikes, can be somewhat challenging. You have to consider which ones offer the best protection for your car’s finish and that of your bikes as well. There is little point in buying a bike rack that will keep your car’s finish unharmed but damage the paint on your bike. At the same time ease of attachment is also a very important factor, one that the makers of the Hollywood Racks Express 2 bike trunk rack have taken into consideration.

About Hollywood Bike Racks

Hollywood has been in the business of building bike racks since 1973 and continues to improve their designs and versatility. Among the many considerations when designing a new bike rack are ease of attachment and the ability to carry your bikes safely and without damaging either them or the car. The Express 2 is designed to carry two adult sized bicycles on soft rubber protected arms to ensure the finish is not at risk of being damaged during transportation. It is designed specifically to be mounted safely on your trunk lid using rubber feet and soft straps to ensure your car’s finish is not damaged.

Hollywood Racks Express 2 Bike Trunk Rack
Hollywood Racks Express 2 Two Bike Trunk Rack (Black)$65.99

Attaching the Hollywood Racks Express 2 to your vehicle could not be easier thanks to the use of soft straps and adjustment hubs that ensure a tight fit. By securing the bike rack in this manner, it will not shift around under a load causing friction damage to the car’s paint. This system also ensures the Express 2 will fit almost any car currently on the market.

Key Features of the Hollywood Racks Express 2

  • Installing Hollywood express rackDesigned to hold two adult sized bikes
  • Made to attach to your trunk lid
  • Exceptionally easy to attach and use
  • Soft rubber cradles protect the finish of your bikes
  • Folds up for easy storage
  • Works on most cars
  • Comes pre-assembled

Out of the Box

One of the first things you will notice is that the Hollywood Racks Express 2 comes ready to go right out of the box. There is no assembly required and no tools needed to put the Express 2 together or to attach it to your car. The finish is excellent and appears to be strong enough to weather many years of heavy use without corroding.

Installed on the carWhile very sturdy in appearance and construction, the Express 2 is quite lightweight which makes it easy for anyone to attach, remove, and store when not in use. The built-in adjustable hubs allow you to adjust the racks to ensure your bikes are hanging in the optimum position for your particular car.

Once you lock the bikes in with the included straps, you will find that they tend to work loose unless you knot the straps. This is not a problem necessarily, just something you need to be aware of because once you secure them in this fashion they won’t come lose again.

Amazon buyers who purchased the Hollywood Racks Express 2 trunk bike rack love that it is lightweight, easy to install, and folds up for storage. One complaint is that despite being listed as fitting most current car models, there are number that this rack simply won’t fit.

While you need to be sure it will fit your car, the Hollywood Racks Express 2 is a good quality rack that is well worth the money and highly recommended.

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