My Opinion On The Giro Savant Cycling Helmet

One of the most important aspects of cycling is safety. It is all too easy to take a spill on your bike and this is why it is important that you take the right precautions. The feature that is foremast in this is the use of cycling helmets. Helmets are vital for keeping your head and face safe from any mishaps that might occur while you are out cycling. It is important, though, that you choose a helmet that is both durable and comfortable. Below is a review of a helmet that ticks both these boxes.

Comfort Guaranteed

The Giro Savant features 25 specifically grafted wind vents on the outside of the helmet’s shell. This design works to channel fresh and cool air around your head for a refreshing feel, while at the same time ensuring that sweat and hot air is removed.

This overall has the effect of keeping you nice and cool as you cycle and lessens the effect of fatigue that comes from a long cycle.

Strong and Light

The Savant helmet incorporates the world renowned Giro in-mold technology which works to fuse polystyrene liner with a polycarbonate shell. This combination gives the Savant a super hard and durable construction which is guaranteed to absorb any punishment that it is exposed too.

This mixture of elements results in a structure being created that is both lightweight yet super strong. Exactly what you need in a cycling helmet.

The Perfect Fit

This helmet uses the Roc Loc 5 technology to allow for maximum adjustment of the fit tension while also allowing the helmet’s vertical position to do the same. The Roc Loc 5 uses 3 separate positions of height adjustment via easy to use micro-dial. This results in a uniquely personalized fit on top of your head.

The straps on the Savant helmet are stout in design and feature ear dividers that are easily adjustable. This helmet is also available in five different shades of color and three separate sizes.

As with all the Giro helmets, the Savant uses the patented Super Fit Technology that ensures that the helmet fits snugly onto your head and remains there no matter what bumps you hit while cycling.

Recap of the Savant

  • Roc Loc 5 system makes for easy changes in straps and overall fit of the helmet
  • Wind tunnel ventilation strips ensures that you stay cool as you cycle
  • Combination of polycarbonate shell and EPS liner gives maximum durability while at the same time limiting weight of helmet
  • Super Fit Technology is used to ensure that the helmet remain securely atop your head

Final Verdict

The Giro Savant road bike helmet combines a creative style with top level performance and all at an affordable price. This helmet supplies both durability and comfort for the wearer while also looking very slick in design.

Overall, the Savant helmet is ideally suited for anyone who is looking for a reliable biking helmet that will not only keep you safe, but will also ensure that your cycling ventures are as pleasant as possible.

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