A Look At Top Rated Giro Biking Helmets

The Importance of Helmets

No matter what type of cycling you may partake in, you better believe that having a top quality helmet is an absolute must. Whether you only use your bike to cycle a short distance to work Monday to Friday; or you take it for ride every other weekend as a way to see the sights; or even perhaps you compete on a regular basis in racing events, having a helmet of high quality is a must period!

The main reason for this is quite obvious and straightforward – safety. Going at any kind of speed whilst cycling a bike could potentially lead to a nasty fall if something was to happen.

crashing on helmetAccidents can happen at any time, this is just a part of life. It doesn’t even matter if you are doing nothing wrong and taking the up-most care – all it takes is someone else to clip you with their bike or car and serious ramifications could occur. Cycling without a helmet is the equivalent of driving with no seat belt – you are just asking for trouble.

I can speak from personal experience after crashing on my mountain bike several times in the woods and crashing road racing that it is a life saver. You never intend to crash it just happens unexpectedly. So, you might as well just accept you have to wear this weird helmet and just be done with it. 🙂

Nowadays, though, top quality cycling helmets provide far more than just safety. They actually work to enhance the overall cycling experience by providing comfort and aerodynamic boosting features. Below are reviewed three of the best helmets by Giro for cyclists that are available on the market today.

My Picks For Giro Cycling Helmets

1. Giro Aeon Road Bike Helmet

24 vents – road cycling – super light and built to keep cool (222g)
61Ay+rBjzYL._SL1000_The Aeon Road is a truly remarkable piece of craftsmanship as it weights up to as much as 45% less than the majority of its leading competitors. However, this lightness, due to the fact that it incorporates low-density EPS liner, does not decrease the helmet’s overall durability and protective capabilities.This durability is added to by the inclusion of the thermoformed SL Roll Cage. The Aeon also features 24 wind tunnel vents that have been strategically place on the helmet’s exterior which provide not only superior aerodynamic ability, they also up the comfort level by keeping the wearer’s head cool and dry.

The Aeon uses a Roc Loc TT Fit system as way of configuring the straps and overall fit – this results in the helmet being a snug fit and easy to alter. The Giro Aeon is available in several different sizes and 18 unique colors.
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2. Giro Atomos Racing Bike Helmet

For Road, XC and Cyclocross
61C+0X+QceL._SL1000_The Giro Atmos uses a specially designed combination of a rigid outer shell with EPS liner which works to successfully absorb any impact that it might be exposed to. This in-mold construction, along with the added protection of a roll-cage, results in the Atmos being totally secure and durable.These features also help to ensure that the Atmos helmet is as light as it can be without sacrificing any of its protectiveness. The Giro Atmos incorporates the patented Wind Tunnel ventilation system into its design which works to channel hot air and sweat out and away from the cyclist’s head, while also allowing cool, fresh in.This helmet uses Giro’s Super Fit Technology which results in a snug fit every time.

This technology means that you will never have to readjust your helmet once you put it on at the start of your cycle. The Atmos is available in a multitude of fits and also in 12 separate color schemes.

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3. Giro Savant Road Bike Helmet Review

24 vents – road cycling – super light
61-Uv3QugtL._SL1000_As with most Giro helmets, the Savant uses the Roc Loc 5 system in terms of adjust-ability. With this feature you can adjust any aspect of the helmet even as you cycle – it is that simple to use.

The use of wind tunnel ventilation strips make sure that you stay cool and comfortable as you cycle which is vital for those longer bike rides that you may partake in. the Savant’s structure is a combination of a polycarbonate shell and EPS liner which result in maximum durability while at the same time ensures that the helmet isn’t weighing you down as you cycle.

The Super Fit technology is also used in this version of the Giro’s helmet range and the result is a super snug fit that allows for no unwanted movement as you cycle, no matter what kind of wobbly terrain that you may be on.

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Compare and Contrast

Price: in terms of price and value for money, all three of these helmets are excellent in this department. As with any helmet, the price does fluctuate in terms of size, model and color. Of the three, the Aeon comes in at the slightly cheapest of the three.

Reliability and Comfort: all three of these Giro helmets tick both boxes in terms of durability and comfort. These are the two main factors that come into the equation of locating a top class helmet – one, they are light enough and comfortable enough to not be a burden and two, the protection and durability provided is of the highest standard possible.

Overall Use: as it says in their title descriptions, the Aeon and the Savant helmets are more of an all-round biking helmet, while the Atmos has been specifically designed for racing. While this is not a huge factor in terms of their overall quality, it is something to keep in mind if you happen to be a hardcore racer.

Final Word: All three of these helmets supply exactly what you would expect from a Giro helmet – a product that is both stylish in design and effective in function. The Aeon, Savant and Atmos all have slightly differing looks and features which need to be taken into account when deciding which the best fit is for you, but, overall, you cannot go wrong with either of the three.

Thank you for reading and happy cycling.

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