The Full Scoop On the Giro Atmos Cycling Helmet

Racing Helmets

If you are or have ever been involved in any type of competitive bike racing then you will know that a good, solid helmet is an absolute must. No matter how good a cyclist that you may be; no matter how smooth the terrain is that you are on, mistakes and errors of judgement happen. When these unfortunate circumstances happen then you will most definitely want to be wearing something that is going to protect your head from a potential fall. Below is a review of one of the top racing helmets that there is today.

Impact Absorption

A major feature, and requirement, of a racing helmet is the level in which it absorbs any impact. Racing is a highly competitive sport and collisions and spills are quite common place. When they do happen, you will want a helmet that can protect your head from any impact.

The Atmos uses Giro’s world renowned tactic of fusing the outers shell with EPS liner on the inside. This results in a huge amount of the force behind any impact being absorbed.

Light and Durable on Your Head

The fact that the Atmos uses an in-mold construction means that it is extremely light on your head. This is vital for racing as the last thing that you want is to be burdened with a heavy helmet.

The Atmos also incorporates a roll-cage reinforcement element which is basically a tough web of DuPont nylon that has been molded into the inside of the helmet. This serves to reinforce the helmets structural integrity while at the same time lowering the overall weight as the material itself is light in weight.

Stay Cool While You Race

The Giro Atmos uses a patented Wind Tunnel ventilation system which combines internal exhaust channels with active vents that result in fresh, cooling air being pushed in and around the wearers head while sweat and hot air is expelled. This results in an overall healthier and more pleasant cycling experience.

These air channels have been scientifically tested and mastered to provide the most aerodynamic helmet possible. You will feel the difference that this feature offers instantly when compared to a standard, run of the mill cycling helmet.

Fits Perfectly

This helmet uses Giro’s Super Fit Technology which means that it fits snugly onto your head and stays that way for the entire race. This means that you won’t have to worry about constantly fixing and adjusting the helmet as you cycle.

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Recap of the Pros

  • Fusion of the outer shell with EPS liner works to absorb any potential impact
  • In-mold construction and roll-cage reinforcement mean that this helmet is as durable and light as possible
  • The Wind Tunnel ventilation system keeps your head cool and unflustered as you cycle
  • Super Fit Technology makes for a snug fit all the time

Final Verdict

The Giro Atmos racing bike helmet is perfect for anyone who races on a regular basis at any level of competitiveness. The durability, comfort and aero dynamical features of this helmet result in a product that is ideally suited for hard, sweat inducing cycling.

Another great feature of this helmet is the fact that is available in several separate sizes as well as 12 different colors. This means that you will have plenty of scope from which to choose from.

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