My Take On The Giro Aeon Cycling Helmet

When you think of any type of cycling, whether it be a leisurely jaunt to the shop, a trek up your local hill, or a full on racing competition, there are a few items that spring to mind that are invariable needed for such activities. The first, obviously, is the bike itself. The next important piece of equipment needed is a sound helmet.  Below is a review one of the top going biking helmets that there is on the market today.

Light yet Durable

This is the real sign of a quality helmet – one that feels light on your head yet will offer you the protection that you need whilst cycling. The Aeon from Giro weighs up to as much as 45% less than some of its leading competitors. However, despite this, it still offers unrivalled durability and protection.

Giro have changed the way they construct their helmets in recent years and now incorporate low-density EPS liner that have proven to be far better at absorbing impacts. This time of liner also works to actually lighten the overall weight of the helmet as well.

Another factor which further lessens the weight of this helmet is the Thermoformed SL Roll Cage which also works to reinforce the helmet’s structural integrity and minimize the effect of any impact.

Keep a Cool Head

The Aeon helmet features 24 wind tunnel vents that run on the outside of the helmet. These vents have been designed to allow your head to remain cool whilst you cycle without lowering the safety level.

A lot of other cycling manufacturers decorate their helmets with as many vents and slits as possible in an effort to make their product look as aerodynamic as possible. What they actually achieve is making a helmet that both looks and is fragile. This is where Giro have got it spot on with their wind tunnel vents – they make the helmet aerodynamic, cool looking, and structurally sound.

Easy to Configure

A big feature that people look for in high-end biking helmets is the system in which the helmet can be adjusted. The aeon uses a system known as the Roc Loc 5 retention system. This allows you to adjust the tension of the chin strap with a two fingered twist. There is also a three position bracket which allows a 15mm worth of vertical adjustment in the retention basket. This means that the helmet can be comfortably adjusted at any time, even if you are mid cycle.

The Helmet that Suits Everyone

Not only is this biking helmet available in a multiple of separate sizes, it also comes in 18 uniquely different colors so that everyone is catered for. The hard part will actually be deciding which color suits you best!

Aeon Helmet Recap

  • Roc Loc TT Fit system means that you remain secure whilst cycling and for easy changeability
  • Thermoformed SL Roll Cage and use of low-density EPS liner ensures that the helmet is not only more durable, but also lighter in design
  • 24 wind tunnel vents offer an aerodynamic look and fell while you are cycling
  • Available in multiple sizes and colors
  • 222grams
  • 28% lighter than its previous version
  • larger vents to keep cool

Final Verdict

The Giro Aeon road bike helmet is suitable for pretty much any type of cyclist. The level of security, style and overall comfort provided by this helmet means that it will take your cycling experience to the next level.


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