Garmin Edge 500 GPS Is It Right For You

Who Should Buy The Edge 500?

The Garmin Edge 500 Cycling GPS is ideal for anyone who is more performance driven.  You are interested in more detailed information that the base Garmin 200 Edge model we reviewed here that has limited features.  The 500 is Available in three different colors (silver/blue, red/black, black/sliver), this odometer is perfect tool for any cycling enthusiast to take their cycling to the next level.  You will have all the data recorded you need to help you analyze your training!

The 500 Edge Is Easy To Install

Review Of the garmin edge 500The Edge 500 easily attaches to the stem or handlebars of any bike that has a low profile mount. Once ready to cycle, simply power up the Edge and lock onto your GPS. The GPS element of this odometer features a high-sensitivity receiver with HotFix satellite prediction that results in quicker determining of your position.

Advanced Features of the 500 Edge Garmin

  • While cycling, the Edge 500 receives and translates all the needed info. for easy viewing. Such things as speed, time, calories burnt, temperature, current altitude, climb and descent are all recorded. The Edge also uses a built in barometric altimeter so as to calculate your position at a quicker speed.
  • Every Edge 500 model incorporates third-party ANT+ enabled power meters in order to display your power output as you cycle. This data can then be used to gauge how hard you are working no matter what kind of weather you are riding in. Overall, this helps you to train smarter and better.
  • A digital heart rate monitor and speed/cadence sensor are also built into the Edge 500 which further helps to increase the recording taking element of your bike ride.
  • This is a key point for anyone who is serious about their ride, training for road races, mountain bike races or triathlons. You will be able to pull up your charts and compare how high or low your heart rate is during specific areas of the ride. A key indicator when you progress through your training season so you can go back and look at where you were at at the beginning of the season doing the same course.

Other Key Features

Heart Rate Enabled Gps OdometerThe Edge 500 also comes with a Courses feature which allows you to compare and contrast previous journeys with your current one. It also features an Auto Pause, Auto Lap and temperature reading elements.

The Edge also possesses a nifty little feature that alerts you if you are moving but the timer is not yet running. This feature nullifies the chance of human error.

Heart Rate Monitor Capable

The Edge 500 pack also comes with a separate heart monitor. When the two are combined, the result is a comprehensive review of what your heart is doing while you cycle. It achieves this by tracking your heart beats per minute and also keeping track of your caloric output.

Once you have finished your ride, it is then a simple process of hooking your Edge 500 odometer up to a computer or laptop via the included USB cable. You can also connect with the worldwide network of cyclists through Garmin connect and share your info.

Once you upload your ride to your account you will have a nice detailed look at all the data that was collected about the ride!  I love this feature when I’m doing hill repeats or a course that is part of my weekly rides. You can easily see how your speed increases over time and how your heart rate drops over time when you get in shape by monitoring each ride.

The Technical Details712fHfS1HBL._SL1500_

Package contains: Edge 500, heart rate monitor and speed/cadence sensor, bike mount, AC charger, USB cable, owner’s manual on disk, quick start manual.

  • Weight: 2.1 ounces
  • Dimensions: 0.9 x 1.9 x 2.7 inches
  • Batteries: 1 lithium ion battery (included)
  • Display size: 1.68 inches
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Battery life: 18 hours
  • Price: High 200 dollar range

What Is Included in the Package?

  • Gramin Edge 500 GPS Unit
  • The mount to place on the bike to secure the gps
  • regular AC charger
  • USB cable to plug it into to charge
  • Owner’s manual on a dvd
  • Quick start manual to get you rolling

Extra Accessories

I would highly recommend getting the package that includes the heart rate monitor and speed sensor.  The heart rate monitor is a no brainier personally. If you are spending this kind of money you are serious about your training so it’s just part of the deal to add to your training tool set.

Garmin Edge 500 Vs Garmin Edge 510

Boy is there a difference to say the last. The 510 is colored has more functions, includes the GLONASS satellite system for more accurate tracking, talks to your smart phone and has live tracking.   Sounds freaking awesome right?  Well yes but garmin does not have this model solid yet. There are a ton of bad reviews on it and complaints. It’s really hard to see in with the colored screen out riding, cpu is slow, complaints that it is not near as accurate as the 500.

There was an update in 2014 to the 510 where the 500 did not receive it. Man did that create a lot of bugs.  I even saw reviews in March 2015 that still complained about the functionality of the software in the 510.  It was a common theme to go back to the 500 when given a choice between it and the 510 model.

Final Word

The Garmin Edge 500 is a perfect tool for cyclists who are looking to keep accurate recordings of their cycles. For a very reasonable price you will receive everything that you need to clearly see every detail of your ride. Learn more on Amazon here or check out our Garmin GPS Odometer Review if you are still unclear.   You can always leave a comment and I’ll try to get back to you asap as well.

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