Best Selling Garmin GPS Odometers

Why Odometers Are Vital To Bikers

Odometers are quickly becoming a must have tool for cyclists. Whether you are a casual cyclist who enjoys biking as a hobby, or you are a serious competitor where cycling is a way of life, the features and functions that odometers provide are essential in order for you to get the most out of your cycling.

Odometers in general are used to properly record and analyze your racing/cycling data which, at the end of the day, can only help you to improve. All the devices featured in this review help to record such aspects of cycling as distance traveled, speed at which you are are going and have gone, and the elevation that you are currently at. They also all possess weather predicting technology which is vital for when you are on a long trek.

I personally went out and read the reviews of all the gps bike computers reviewed below and documented my findings you help short cut your research on which one would work for you.  What it really came down too is that the more fancy the options Garmin added the more trouble it seemed to add to the device and took away from what the real  purpose was.

So you really need to ask yourself, do I need color, do I want to use a heart rate strap, will I want my friends to follow me along live, do I need weather forecast warnings and do I need to interact with Ant+ devices for my training.  As you read through these it will be clear that the majority of you will just want to keep it simple and you won’t want to screw around with all the extra features as cool as it sounds.

Below are listed, in no particular order, what I believe to be the top five cycling odometers that money can buy.

The Garmin Edge 510 GPS Odometer

Price: $399.99
1The Edge 510 features a whole host of connective features that you can use with your smartphone including live-tracking, instant upload and ride sharing capabilities, social network sharing and accurate weather forecasting. The 510 records all the information that you will need to track your cycling progress including speed, distance, time, heart rate, cadence, elevation, power and location. It also features an advanced heart rate zone training tool that supports 5 heart rate zones and 7 power zones. There is also an inferior base model version of this odometer that comes in at $329.99 and while it is slightly cheaper, the quality is also somewhat. For a full review of the 510 click on the link below.Read More Here


The Garmin Edge 810 GPS Odometer

Price: $399.99
2The Edge 810 features a simple to use touch screen and user interface that makes working this device very straightforward. The design is rugged and the touchscreen can be customized to feature a multiple of different colors. The 810 supplies an improved navigational feature which provides bike friendly routing and optional street or topo maps. It also supports Garmin Custom Maps and Birds Eye satellite imagery. There is an updated performance bundle version of this device which while adds $200 onto the price, delivers far more features and functions than the normal base model. For a full review of the 810 click on the link below.Read More Here


The Garmin Edge 200 GPS Odometer

Price: $129.99 (Recommend)
4The Edge 200 is a sleek, lightweight device that features an auto time zone feature and easy-to-read display face. This odometer has been specifically designed to take the hassle out of cycling and thus dispenses with functions and add-ons that many people see as more burdens rather than additions. A great feature of this odometer is the ease in which you can get started using it. There is absolutely no set up required other than fixing it to your bike, turning it on and picking which direction you intend to cycle. For a full review of the 200 click on the link below.
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The Garmin Edge 500 Bike Computer Odometer

Price: $299.99 (Most Recommended)
3The Edge 500 is a lightweight odometer that successfully tracks your distance, speed, location and elevation via high-sensitive GPS. This odometer features a barometric altimeter which pinpoints changes in elevation. This results in you gaining precise climb and distance data. ANT+ enabled power meters display your power output in watts as you ride. There are actually four different versions of this same model that all have slightly different appearances and accompaniments. They are Blue, Natural, Red and Blue Bundle. Each comes in at a slightly different price.For a full review on the 500 click on the link below.
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What They Have in Common

All of the odometers featured in this review are compatible with Garmin Connect – a worldwide home for cyclists. On this platform you can broaden your cycling horizons and meet like-minded people. You can also share any data that you have received whilst cycling and compare it with other people’s attempts.
This service also allows your family members, friends, or perhaps even fans of yours, to log in and track your current progress in a race.
All four of these odometers come with free shipping when ordered with and manufacturing warranties.

Final Verdict

Whichever odometer that you choose to go with, none of the four that have been mentioned in this review will let you down. As with everything in life, the cost of a product is usually a fair symbol of its quality. This logic can also be used with the four odometers that I have just reviewed. While each one is exceptionally good at what they offer, the more expensive ones do have more functions and features.
In saying this, the key to making a decision on which odometer suits you best is for you to first decide on what type of cyclist you are. If you are someone who cycles competitively, or even regularly, then one of the top end odometers is the way to go. However, if you only cycle every now and again, then one of the cheaper models would probably suffice.
I hope that you found this review informative and I wish you all the best with whatever decision you arrive at.

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